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Different Parts of Medicare

Below is a quick overview of the different parts of Medicare, who offers it, and what it is…

1.)  Medicare Part A:  Offered by the federal government.  Medicare Part A helps cover your care while in the hospital or skilled nursing facility.  Part A also has coverage for hospice and home healthcare.  For 2017 the part A deductible is $1,316.

2.)  Medicare Part B:  Offered by the federal government  Medicare Part B helps cover doctor’s visits and outpatient care.  It will also help pay for some services that Part A does not cover like some physical and occupational therapy services and even some home healthcare.  With Medicare Part B you also have coverage for some preventive services such as an annual wellness exam.  The 2017 part B deductible is $183.

3.)  Medicare Part C:  Offered by Health insurance companies.  Medicare Part C (also known as Medicare Advantage) covers everything Parts A & B cover but may have extra coverage and services included such as wellness programs or routine dental or vision coverage.  Part D (prescription drug coverage) is often included in the Medicare Part C plans. In 2017, the average Part C plan that includes prescription drug coverage costs $37.

4.)  Medicare Part D:  Insurance and other private companies.  Part D is prescription drug coverage for those on Medicare.  It is optional and you are not required to have Part D, but may have to pay a late-enrollment penalty if you don’t enroll when you first become eligible. This year, the deductible is capped out by the CMS at $400.


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