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Medicare Annual Disenrollment Period

Coming up in the new year 2013 is the Medicare annual disenrollment period.  This is from January 1 – February 14th.  What does this mean?  If you have Medicare Advantage plan and want to look at switching to a Medicare Supplement plan this would be the time to do it.  From Jan. 1 – Feb. […]

Medicare Preventive

Medicare Part B includes coverage for many preventive services.  When these services are performed regularly, they may also catch serious diseases early enough to provide effective treatments and lengthen lifespan. Here is a list of the Preventive Screening covered by Part B: One-time “Welcome to Medicare” Physical Exam for all people who have had Medicare […]

2013 Medicare Changes

Each year the federal goverment publishes medicare changes.  This is for the Part A hospital deductible and coinsurance and the Part B deductible.  The 2013 Medicare Changes are as follows: Part A Deductible:  The annual Part A deductible has been raised from $1,156 to $1,184. Part A Coinsurance:  Under Part A you have a coinsurance […]

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Medicare supplement plan F gives you the most complete coverage available and one of the most widespread policies you can purchase.  Because the plan covers costs in excess of Medicare-approved amounts, you may not have any out-of-pocket costs for hospital and doctor’s office care with this plan. Medicare Supplement Plan F covers: Basic Medicare benefits including Hospitalization: […]

What is Medicare Supplement?

Medicare Supplement  (also called Medigap or “tie-in” plans) is health insurance designed to supplemnet Original Medicare.  The medigap plans help pay some of the costs (“gaps”) that Original Medicare does not cover such as the Part A & Part B deductibles and coinsurances.  If you have Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement policy, Medicare will pay […]

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