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10 Foods That Help You Sleep

Finding foods to help you sleep is easier than you think If you’re human, you need sleep—even our devices have “sleep mode.” But for most people, there are times when our sleep mode doesn’t work. From a study run by the National Sleep Foundation, 35% of Americans report “poor” or “only fair” sleep quality. So, […]

How Donald Trump’s Health Care Plan Affects Medicare

Donald Trump became President over a year ago. Throughout his campaign, Trump made promises regarding healthcare and his plans to improve our current system. The proposed Trump healthcare plan includes various 2018 Medicare changes, some with directly contradict his previous statements. Let’s take a look at what has and hasn’t changed in the last year. […]

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6 Best Ways to Jump-Start Your Retirement Savings

Some people approach retirement with excitement and security because they’re financially prepared, but not everyone is that lucky. Many people in their 40s and 50s are just now reaching a point in their career where they’re earning enough to put away serious money for retirement. But what if you have no retirement savings at 60? […]

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