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6 Top Destinations You Will Love to Travel to This Year

Every year, droves of people over 60 vacation in the United States and abroad. However, those who are 60 years old or older usually have different wants and needs when it comes to vacation. For the most part, they’d rather not hit Daytona Beach for Spring Break or go spelunking in the caves of the […]

Cigna vs. Blue Cross Blue Shield: Comparing Medicare Health Plans
What is Silver Sneakers and Does Medicare Cover the Program?

Silver Sneakers is a nationwide health and fitness program targeted at older adults. It encourages aging individuals to participate in physical activities, and it also promotes social interaction with group workout opportunities. The program is available in over 13,000 gyms and fitness centers around the country, including YMCA locations. Use this handy tool to find […]

The Best Way to Use Medicare to Quit Smoking This Year

Nearly 35 million people try to quit smoking every year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). However, many are unsuccessful. In fact, over 85% of smokers who try and quit by themselves relapse.1 Success rates are higher among people who use medications to quit or are part of smoking cessation programs. But […]

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